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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have you heard about Monica Bellucci's Sanguepazzo?

The film is directed by Marc Tullio Giordana and is based on a true story. It's Monica's latest movie which was premiered on Monday evening at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the movie Monica Bellucci plays a role as Luisa Ferida and Luca Zingaretti plays Osvaldo Valenti, Ferida's infamous lover.

Their bodies were found on the outskirts of Milan April 30th 1945 five days after Italy's Liberation - they were executed by partisans.

Monica Bellucci said about her role:

"She (Luisa) was accused of dancing nude and naked in front of prisoners. He was accused of being a fascist though he was actually more of a rebel, a non-conformist."

"The reality was that he was addicted to cocaine and she was addicted to him so it's a really strong and passionate story that has as a background a really important moment in Italian history," she added.

Sanguepazzo is released in Italy on 23 May, and in France on 9 July and the Netherlands on 16 October.

Get enjoy the film!

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